Indoor Blinds


Where Roller Blinds meets Motor

Window blinds nowadays can be automatic drawn using an automated motorization. Controls for motorized blinds can be from a wall switch or keypad, remote control, or computer, eliminating the need for cords and allowing control of otherwise inaccessible windows.

At Jet Engrg Solutions, we offer many kinds of motorised blind system at very comfortable price and long warranty duration. There are many benefit that you can get from our motorised blind system.

Automating your home with motorised system which can save you time and make your life easier. You can now control your blinds, curtains and even lighting, in the touch of a button, or by using voice commands.

Why motorised ?

Enjoy life more and save more time as motorised roller blinds do all the work.


You can control the blinds buy remote or control board on the wall at your convenient


Cords pose a potential choking or strangling hazard. By changing to a motorised, your house is now a safer place for both babies and pets to play around in.


The operation is very smooth and quite. With Jet premium offering of super-quiet operation, making them perfect for interior settings.


You can use it to control the window at high level or hard reach location


Our system is very affordable to compare with other brands in the market.


You can integrate it with your phone app for your convenience. Flexibility is offered is offered by these blinds so they can be operated according to one’s needs.