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Jet Engrg Solution is your most trusted direct contractor by providing various colours, styles and fabrics that are custom made to your preferences.

Our professional and friendly sales representative are readily available to make your shopping journey convenient and enjoyable. Speak to our dedicated team to help you choose the right kinds of window curtains and blinds that updates your home design and function.

Made to Measure Curtains

Custom made curtains to fit your home window nicely. Our curtain materials keep out the strong sunlight and protect your privacy. The curtains make a luxury feel to your window, matching with your personalised style. Discover our stunning gorgeous curtain fabrics.

Various colours, styles and fabrics

Our curtains designed to cater to any need that you might have, whether it’s related to style or function. With these customised products, you can pick out a good fabric, color scheme, design/style, and establish the exact measurements of your window coverings in order to achieve maximum benefits, including protection from the sun heat and glare, light control, privacy and aesthetic appeal of your decor.

Various colours, styles and fabrics

Blackout Curtain

Blocks out 100% of sunlight. It is a choice for light sleepers who needs the room to be dark in order to sleep.

Day Curtain

Day curtains are made of sheer and lightweight material. It allow ample light into the room during the day while providing you privacy with its sheer material.

Night Curtain

Night curtains are made with heavy fabric and are designed to give you optimum privacy as well as light control. The heavy materials are able to block out maximum light and absorb sound.