Invisible Grille

Invisible Grille

Besides the Jetrack system and motorized blinds, we also supply invisible grille for residential and commercials. Our product is made of good quality stainless steel which is very light, thin, and durable. We offer 5 years warranty for all invisible grille products. It is available in various types: Fixed Frame, Casement, Sliding, and Bi-Fold Grille. Moreover, we are able to customize and build a roof to support the invisible grilles if it doesn’t have a roof.

Sliding Casement Grilles

Jet do have solution for Sliding Window that can be easily mounted anywhere in the common corridor, hallway window or in your room,  in the bedroom or in your kitchen. Its ease of operation makes it safe and highly adaptable. Besides, these invisible grilles provide you with an attractive window design as well as security and safety. Invisible grilles have been approved for HDB houses. They have also been approved for privately owned condos.

Casement Window Grilles

Casement or sliding invisible grilles are installed on a casement window or a sliding window (or door), which allows you to open your windows normally without any restriction. Because they require additional structures to fix them in place during installation. Furthermore, it’s a popular choice for homeowners who want or require their windows to be accessible, such as in the case of older HDB flats, where the air-conditioning compressor is located just outside the bedroom window.

Openable Casement Window

Invisible grilles also cannot be cut using ordinary scissors. So for folks with young children, there is no need to worry about your tykes cutting through the grilles during an unsupervised crafting session.

The grilles can however be cut using a wire cutter, so be aware that invisible grilles shouldn’t be used for deterring whoever’s outside from coming in e.g. burglars, but rather to keep the occupants inside the home safe.

Fixed Invisible Grille

Provide extra security while maintaining your balcony facade with Jet Invisible Grille. The Fixed Invisible Grille are normally installed in balconies without existing window structures or in homes where additional structures cannot be installed.