Zebra Blinds

Korean Blinds, also known as Combi Blinds or Shadow Blinds, are the latest trend to hit Singapore homes. Making use of a single sheet with divided layers that goes around, Combi Blinds allow users to adjust the amount of light coming into their homes by simply pulling the cord to their desired level. This not only makes Combi Blinds stylish to look at, but also very mesmerising when pulled.
  • All day comfort: Filters the strong sunlight through the combi shades, the interior look is soft and cozy through light filtering affection.
  • Flexibility and Privacy: They’re unique compared to other blinds but still provide you with the same flexibility and privacy as other window treatments.
  • Easy to maintain: Clean with soft microfiber fabric or sponge for a bit more intensive clean up if you want to remove dirty some a particular area.

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