Jetrack Euro Zipblinds Passion Series Dual Zip Integration System

We’re the first in Singapore to introduce this innovative design integrated with outdoor fabric and anti-dengue insect screen, transforming your balcony into private oasis with improved ventilation. This innovative solution adds comfort, enhance your property’s aesthetics and value, all in ONE package. These versatile zip blinds provide effective sunlight management, privacy, easy maintenance, improved airflow, and enhanced security for your space. They also have other benefits such as dust reduction, rain protection, privacy protection, sun/UV protection, pest reduction, and noise reduction.
Our blinds offer protection against all elements of the weather, harmful UV rays and insects. It also provides privacy for all home owners and users We tested and manufactured locally for Singapore homes with a 5 years warranty for all our products so that you may be rest assured of its performance and quality. Besides, controlling Jetrack Euro Zipblinds through mobile apps has added a layer of automation and ease to your home. It allowing various smart devices to manage and control their ziptrack roller blinds through a single interface.
Unique Dual Zip System

Jetrack Passion Series is a sophisticated system with advance features:

1. Reinforced Double Layer Roller
  • 2 in 1 integration into a compact track system for cost and space-saving
2.  Anti – Sagging Design
  • The special side track with tension to prevent fabric crumping and maintain a beautiful appearance
3. Smooth Side Guide
  • The first stainless steel zipper receiver with the latest innovation to provide a smooth operation
4. Ultrasonic Wave Heat Welding
  • The fabric and zip are fused together with latest technology ensure perfect fabric tension over the product’s life

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